Bus Route 158

Ann GilleanBus Driver: Ann Gillean

Morning Run:  Leave garage at 6:20 am. going out through High School and Cartmell parking lots, turn right on 42.  take a right on Tom Harris (4 mile) going through to 36 and turn left, then left on Buck's Run (1112).  Pick up student to the end then left on 47.  Go to Union, turn left, left on Fishing, and left on Liberty.  Go straight across 47 staying on Liberty/Black Rock, left on Lewis Rd. At the end, turn left on 42 picking up students back to Ghent and on Main St.  Continue on 42 to Dearthrage St. turning left, go to 2nd street on left to turn around.  turn left on 42, left into Cartmell going through tot he High School parking lot to turn around.  Unload at High School, Cartmell, Middle and Winn.

Afternoon Run:  Go to Cartmell slot #13, then High school behind #159, then Middle behind #153, and on to Winn behind #153.  Leaving Winn, turn left on Hawkins, left on 11th right on Highlnad Ave.  Go to Deathrage St and turn right and turn around at 2nd street.  Coming back out to 42E, turn right, right on Fishing, left on Union, left on Ann, right on Main, right on Ferry, left on Liberty/Black Rock, left on Lewis, and left on 47.  take 47 to Buck's Run, turn right and make stops to the end.