Bus Route #163

Tim CrutcerBus Driver: Tim Crutcher

Morning Run #1: Leave bus garage at 6:30am.  Go thru school to Cartmell turn right on Hwy 42.  Go to Martin Rd. turn right, right on Hwy 36, left on Boone Rd.  Go to the Animal Shelter to turn around.  Turn left on Floyd, follow around back to Boone and turn left, left on 36, right onto Indian Hills on Comanche, at 3 way stop, turn right, go to second street on left to turn around Mojave Terrace.  Go back out to 36, turn right, right on 227, go to the High school and Cartmell.

Morning Run #2:  Leave Cartmell turning right on 42, right on Martin Rd, right on 36, left on Boone Rd., right on Floyd and follow around back to Boone and turn left.  Turn left on 36, right on 227, left on Schuerman, go straight on Polk, right on 5th, left onto  Middle school then to Kathryn Winn.

Afternoon Run #1:  Go to Cartmell parking in the road to block traffic beside #153, then to the high school the 1st bus parked on the far left in front of the vocational school.  Leave high school turning left on 227, left on Floyd Dr., go straight back into Oak view straight to Boone Rd.  Turn left on Boone, left on 36, right on 227, left on Schuerman, right ton 5th to Middle School and Kathryn Winn.

Afternoon Run #2:  Leave Winn, turn left on Hawkins, left on 11th, right on Highland, right on Martin, right on 36, left on Boone, right on Floyd, the 2nd entrance to Oak view, follow around to Boone, turn right and go to animal shelter on left.  Go back out to 36 and turn right to go back to the garage.