District reviews data from 2018-2019, first year of new accountability system

Carrollton, Ky. — October 2, 2019 — The Kentucky Department of Education has released testing accountability scores for schools across Kentucky for the 2018-2019 school year. Under this new accountability testing system, each school receives a star rating between one and five stars. Cartmell Elementary — and Kathryn Winn Primary as Cartmell Elementary’s feeder school — earned one star. Carroll County Middle School earned two stars. Carroll County High School earned two stars.


“We are very appreciative of the data from student assessment,” said Superintendent Danny Osborne. “We will analyze this data and use that information to better meet the needs of all our students. While the data does tell a story, it does not always tell the whole story. Our focus has and will continue to be on being the catalyst of change for every student, preparing them for a hopeful and productive life, which includes building character, work ethic, and other qualities that do not always show up in the assessment data.”


Kentucky’s 2018–2019 accountability system measured the following indicators:


  • Proficiency Indicator: The Proficiency Indicator measures student performance on tests in reading and mathematics. Within the Proficiency Indicator, equal weight is given for reading and mathematics scores. The Proficiency indicator counts for 36.4583% of the school’s overall accountability score.
  • Separate Academic Indicator: This Indicator measures student performance on tests in science, social studies and writing. The Separate Academic Indicator counts for 27.083% of the school’s overall accountability score.
  • Growth Indicator (Measured for elementary and middle schools only): The Growth Indicator measures changes in individual student assessment scores from year to year. Schools earn points when students’ test scores improve from one year to the next.
  • Transition Readiness Indicator (Measured for high schools only): To show Transition Readiness, students must earn a high school diploma and meet at least one type of “readiness” benchmark (Academic or Career). Some examples of “types of readiness” are scores on Advanced Placement exams, dual-credit classes, apprenticeships, industry certifications, and more.
  • Graduation Rate Indicator (Measured for high schools only): The percentage of students earning a Kentucky High School diploma compared to the number of students beginning in grade nine.


“We always look forward to receiving our state assessment scores back each year because it provides us with valuable information regarding how our students are performing compared to other school districts throughout our state,” said Jonica Ray, district assessment coordinator for the Carroll County School District. “We analyze this data thoroughly to determine strengths and areas for growth for each of our schools. Although our scores are not where we would like them to be, we do not believe the star ratings we have received reflect the hard work we have going on in our schools each day. However, we will be revising our school improvement plans to address achievement gaps identified in this state data. Our students have tremendous needs, and we are committed to educating the whole child. We will continue to focus on social-emotional learning strategies to break down barriers to learning that many of our students are facing. I believe this will have a tremendous impact going forward.”


At the elementary level, Cartmell Elementary’s Proficiency Indicator (mathematics and reading scores) was 42.3, which is a weighted average, where each student’s designation of Novice, Apprentice, Proficient, or Distinguished is averaged to give the school an overall score. Cartmell Elementary’s Separate Academic Indicator (science, social studies and writing) was 48.9. The school’s Growth Indicator was 45.9. These scores were averaged together to give Cartmell a 45.4 overall score, earning it a one-star rating. As Cartmell Elementary’s feeder school, Kathryn Winn Primary receives the same rating as Cartmell.


“As the feeder school to Cartmell Elementary, we are focused on putting the most effective strategies and practices in place to help close the achievement gaps identified in the 2018-2019 K-PREP results,” said Kathryn Winn Primary Principal Donna Monroe. “In congruence with this, we are also committed to ensuring that the social-emotional needs of all our students are being met so that they can feel safe to take risks and learn. This balance between academic and social-emotional is the key to our students becoming successful, productive learners and leaders in life.”


“We have recently experienced some major changes at Cartmell Elementary, and we know it will take some time to see results of these new efforts,” said Principal Jeannie Rohrer. “As the principal, it was disheartening to see that we were 1.5 points away from being a two-star school.  We have put extra supports in place to meet the social-emotional and academic needs of our students, and we will continue to work hard for them each and every day.”   


Carroll County Middle School’s Proficiency Indicator (mathematics and reading scores) was 58.5. CCMS’s Separate Academic Indicator (science, social studies and writing scores) was 44.4. The school’s Growth Indicator was 54.2. These scores were averaged together to give CCMS a 53.1 overall score, earning it a two-star rating.


“The hard work and dedication of our teachers helped our school get out of TSI classification,” said Principal Dana Oak, referring to Targeted Support and Improvement, a classification applied to CCMS from accountability scores from the 2017-2018 school year. “I am very pleased with the growth our students continue to make. Our Growth Indicator was very solid, and we will continue to strengthen our processes, procedures and relationships to maximize student potential.


“I’m happy with the strides we made in proficiency in reading and math and the reduction of Novice in those areas as well.  We attribute our success in reading with differentiated reading strategies.”


Carroll County High School’s Proficiency Indicator (mathematics and reading scores) was 38.1. CCHS’s Separate Academic Indicator (science and writing scores) was 44. Growth is not measured at the high school level. The school’s Transition Readiness Indicator was 67.3. The school’s Graduation Rate was 86.5. These scores were averaged together to give CCHS a 51.4 overall score, earning it a two-star rating.


“We see areas for growth and areas to celebrate,” said CCHS Principal Joshua Covington. “As we go forward, we will be analyzing these areas for growth and will continue working toward excellence. As Carroll County Panthers, we want to be the best in the state, and that is where we are going.”


“I’m extremely proud of our faculty, staff and students,” Osborne said. “While our star ratings are not where we would like them to be, we are doing a lot of great work in our schools that is preparing our students for a hopeful and productive life.


“For example, 80% of our non-economically-disadvantaged students were identified as ‘transition-ready.’ 97.34% of our graduates enrolled in college, enrolled in a technical training program, joined the military, or entered the workforce. That is a testament to the work of our families, our community and our schools. We do have achievement gaps that need to be addressed, and that will be something we are focusing on moving forward, but I’m confident we have everything we need in place to prepare our students for success at the next level in school and in life.”


For more information on school and district accountability scores, visit http://kyschoolreportcard.com.


The Carroll County School District is a public school system that operates within the geographic boundaries of Carroll County, Ky. The district serves around 1,900 students K-12.



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