(A&H) F&SA D3 2011-12

Demonstrator 3. Response to Assessment

Multiple formative and summative assessments are used to inform, guide, develop and revise instructional strategies and curriculum to enhance student learning and achievement.  

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a) Multiple classroom assessments for visual and performing arts (creating, performing, and responding) are analyzed by arts staff to determine instructional modifications that will ensure student learning at the proficient and distinguished levels.

b) Ongoing assessment procedures are in place to identify and monitor student growth of Gifted and Talented students in the visual arts, music, theatre, and dance.

c ) Students regularly receive meaningful feedback from a variety of sources (e.g., staff members, arts adjudicators, peers, etc.) on their performances/products and use the feedback to strengthen their future performance/products.

d ) Students regularly reflect on, critique and evaluate the artistic products and performances of others and themselves as is grade level and age appropriate.

e) Varied, authentic assessment tasks regularly provide opportunities for students to demonstrate knowledge of concepts, skills and understandings in the arts through the three processes of creating, performing and responding.

f) A variety of assessment strategies and accommodations are implemented with consideration for student differences (e.g. special learning needs, gifted and talented, multiple intelligences and students' learning styles).

g) Student activities, progress and achievement in the arts are shared with the community through various outlets.