2014-15 (PL) D2 Participation

Demonstrator 2. Participation

Teachers participate in program-specific professional learning designed to meet their needs.  The program area teachers participate in professional development focused on 21st Century Skills.

a.) World language teachers participate in content-specific professional learning opportunities  to address school needs and based on analysis of  school and student data.  There is some evidence of implementation of the professional learning.

b.) World language teachers actively participate in professional learning communities to address issues related to instructional practices, data analysis and improving student achievement.

c.) World language teachers exhibit leadership in professional organizations and the school.

d.) World language teachers regularly collaborate with community, business and postsecondary partners through advisory committees, work exchange programs and/or community groups with a focus on language proficiency and global competency.

e.) Most teachers in the school receive and implement professional learning to enhance the integration of world language and global competency content into the school curricula.