2014-15 (SL) D1 Policies and Monitoring

Demonstrator 1. Policies and Monitoring

School leadership establishes and monitors implementation of policies, provides adequate resources and facilitates space and instructional time to support highly effective world language and global competency instructional programs.

a.) School leadership fully implements policies that have been established to ensure that world language and global competency concepts are taught throughout the school and across the curriculum.

b.) Protected time is allocated in the schedule so that all students can receive instruction in world language and global competency.

c.) World language teachers participate in planning the annual budget.

d.) Leadership adopts and implements policies on staffing, class offerings, scheduling, curriculum, instruction and assessment designed to support the proficiency goals for language and global competency identified in school’s CSIP, curriculum and vision.

e.) Leadership establishes and implements a hiring and monitoring policy and procedure for international teachers,  language and cultural assistants, Fulbright teachers, etc.

f.) Leadership establishes and implements policies to support student/teacher international travel/exchange, field trips and community service.

g.) Leadership establishes and implements a policy that assures credit for world language proficiency and global competency acquired outside or inside the classroom.