CCHS exceeds all accountability indicators, district “growth” scores up

Carrollton, Ky. — September 27, 2018 — Carroll County High School exceeded all accountability indicators from the Kentucky Department of Education for the 2017–2018 school year. Other Carroll County School District schools exceeded KDE’s growth metrics for school accountability.


“Release of assessment data is always an exciting time. It’s a time for reflection upon our work from the previous year and an opportunity to analyze data to best determine our next steps to improving the educational experiences for all our students,” said Superintendent Danny Osborne. “Proficiency scores are an important indicator of student learning, and while we are surpassing the cut scores for growth across the entire district, we know we have some work to do in that area and are always seeking to improve. However, we also know that proficiency in isolation isn’t always a predictor of future success and that proficiency scores alone do not define our students nor do they celebrate their unique talents, skills, and interests, which are indicators that factor into lifelong success.”


Kentucky’s 2017–2018 accountability system measured the following indicators, according to a state release:


  • Proficiency: “Student performance on tests in reading and mathematics. Equal weight for reading and mathematics. Schools earn points based on student performance levels: Novice (0 points); Apprentice (.5 point); Proficient (1 point); and Distinguished (1.25 points). Student performance is aggregated to school, district and state levels.”
  • Separate Academic Indicator: “Student performance on tests in science, social studies and writing. Highest proportion of weights are attributed to science and social studies. Schools earn points based on student performance levels: Novice (0 points); Apprentice (.5 point); Proficient (1 point); and Distinguished (1.25 points). Student performance is aggregated to school, district and state levels.”
  • Growth Indicator: “The focus of the growth indicator is the progress (or lack thereof) the student has made in the current year and the projection of that path toward proficiency. The trend may indicate the student’s performance is going up, moving down or staying the same.”
  • Transition Readiness Indicator (high schools only): “To be transition ready, a student must earn a high school diploma by meeting/exceeding the Kentucky Minimum High School Graduation Requirements and meet one type of readiness (Academic or Career).” Some examples of “types of readiness” are scores on Advanced Placement exams, dual-credit classes, apprenticeships, industry certifications, and more.
  • Graduation Rate Indicator (high schools only): “The percentage of students completing the requirements for a Kentucky High School diploma compared to a cohort of students beginning in grade 9. The graduation rate is reported for all students and all student groups and based on the students’ final enrollment.”


At the elementary level, Cartmell Elementary exceeded its cut score in Growth but fell short in Proficiency and Separate Academic. The school had a 50.9 Proficiency score against its 60.5 cut score and a 42.5 Separate Academic score against its 52.6 cut score. Cartmell Elementary exceeded the Growth cut score of 15.8 with a score of 17.5. Kathryn Winn Primary students are not assessed under KDE’s accountability system.


“This state data provides us with valuable information regarding how our students are performing compared to other students throughout our state,” said Elementary Instructional Supervisor Jonica Ray. “We have specific indicators to celebrate this year, but we are also very aware of areas where we still have work to do. We will be revising our school improvement plans to address the achievement gaps identified by the state. We have a lot of great things happening in our school district right now, and I am confident that our student achievement will reflect that as we move forward.”


Carroll County Middle School also exceeded its cut score in Growth but also fell short in Proficiency and Separate Academic. The school had a 61.3 Proficiency score against its 62 cut score and a 45.8 Separate Academic score against its 55 cut score. The middle school exceeded the Growth cut score of 9.5 with a score of 12.3.


Accountability scores did pinpoint two focus areas for the district moving forward: Disability and Hispanic subgroup scores at Carroll County Middle School. Due to these two subgroup scores, Carroll County Middle School is labeled a Targeted Support and Improvement school, meaning that the school will receive extra support in the areas where it fell short.


Assistant Superintendent/Chief Academic Officer Doug Oak said, “Carroll County Middle will continue to identify the strengths and areas for growth for every student and to help every student move towards a successful future.  As a district, we continue to place resources and professional development around meeting needs of all students.” 


Carroll County High School exceeded all cut scores for accountability. The high school earned a 45.9 Proficiency score against its cut score of 40. In Transition Readiness, the school scored 62.8 against its 41 cut score. On Graduation Rate, the school scored a 96.5 against its 85 cut score.


“I believe our school system can only be as strong as the community that supports it, and in turn, our community can only be as strong as the quality of student our school system produces,” Osborne said. “As we move forward, our focus will continue to be on producing productive citizens, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and community members that have the skills necessary to access a career or college aligned with their interest and goals so that as our students experience lifelong success our community continues to thrive and prosper.”


The Carroll County School District is a public school system that operates within the geographic boundaries of Carroll County, Ky. The district serves around 1,900 students K-12.

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